YoungBoy Never Broke Again
B*tch Let's Do It

YoungBoy Never Broke Again - B*tch Let's Do It
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Исполнитель - YoungBoy Never Broke Again - B*tch Let's Do It
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - B*tch Let's Do It
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Текст песни
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - B*tch Let's Do It
(Chasely got it)
Yeah, Lil Top
Yeah (Huh), yeah, ooh

It's early 'noon and I'm druggin', tryna fuck me somethin'
Get one to pull up on me, and I'm gon' do me somethin'
Since I was sixteen had money, I say, "I grew up stuntin'"
They hatin', they laugh, it ain't nothin', 'cause I'm gon' burn me somethin'
Now, you can think I'm stuntin', I put that on my mama
I say, "I stay up in somethin'," that why I just stay with them choppers
I know them slimes totin' somethin' and they be all wit' that drama
They pull up, jump, I start bustin', and make a bitch quit that talkin'

I hop out first with that chopper, I bust first at them cowards
I had some beef with some niggas, I straight fucked over they partners
I made shit seize through the city, and I sеnt blitz with them dollars
And, I was the first to drop hits, bitch, I went crazy with bodiеs
And, I was fucked up with Ten, wear the same clothes, that's my partner
He broke the code and I zipped him, this nigga used to be on side me
I was mad at my boy, but, shit, I'm grown, you can't stop me
He got me hooked on that boy, we both was goin' through some problems
Young nigga cutthroat, you saw it, he either slime or a goblin
You know I'm wit' it, YoungBoy, I kill that bitch 'front his mama
Like, thirty days straight, I ain't sleep from [?]
Huh, have a nice day
Hold on, let me catch the beat
Hollerin' thirty days straight, I ain't sleep from two to three
Hold on, thirty days straight, I was rollin' off a bean
It been thirty days straight, she had a attitude wit' me
I'ma get that ass straight, I stab that pussy 'til it bleed
In a new, "38" chain, I got that bitch on her knees
Buy this baby anything, she ain't gotta ask me please
I'ma kill a pussy nigga, fuck you boy, and what you bleed
I want your face on top that pavement 'bout that fuckin' playin' wit' me
I had your mama at the precinct everyday to tell on me
That rap boy, he ain't safe, "haha", bitch, please
They patch him up, couldn't even stitch him from that hole left wit' that heat
Spoke on us, I gotta see, get his last rollout on a tee
I ain't no bitch that I need, I need visine
I be grindin', she on side me
And she can't love me 'cause I'm too slimey
I'm wherever them diggers be, you know right where to find me
Thrill got me fucked up, I came up, don't care 'bout nothin'
I'ma get 'em bust up, he fucked up, don't tell me nothin'
I'ma get yo' head bust, lil' nigga, all that fuckin' stuntin'
They gon' lay his head on the pillow if we creep up on him
Baby, I'm too yeah on these niggas, I got plenty money
Bae, I leave shit dead, industry just don't like me for nothin'
Gettin' at all they ass with this money, tell 'em, "Do me somethin'"
Bitch, I got that sack, and on yo' head, I'll put it on you (Yeah)
Ring around the Rosie, my diamonds are frozen
My wife, yeah, she love me, my ex bitch ain't want me (Uh)
None of them ain't roll wit' me
I was locked away like they threw the key
Pray at night for my soul to keep, these pussy niggas wanna roll on me
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