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Britney Manson - Fashion
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  • Добавлено: 21 август 2023
Исполнитель - Britney Manson - Fashion
Britney Manson - Fashion

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Текст песни
Make it to the high fashion
Make it to the high fashion
Make it to the high fashion
I love double p*netration

Waking like a rockstar
Coke and Cola in her car
Thierry Mugler corset
Everybody asking: "Who you are?"
Always wearing mini dress

Shes so gorgeous, shes successful
Fashion sketch alive
The Main issue of the fashion press
Never heard bought "Thank you, next"
Her life is the biggest flex
Screaming Dolce and Gabanna
While shеs having an*l s*x

Style icon, size Zеro
And my boots from the Valentino
Im a self-made runway queen
And my dad is Alexander McQueen
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