Lil Durk
Never Again

Lil Durk - Never Again
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Исполнитель - Lil Durk - Never Again
Lil Durk - Never Again
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Текст песни
(The Melody)
(DJ on the beat, so it's a banger)

I was too lazy, I had to get up
He died from cancer, he ain't get a check-up
I went Travis Barker, tatted the neck up
I feel better, gettin' deeper religion
Court for child supports visits, I'm better
Say you love me with a hidden agenda
Low seven steamer took down the mirror
Stole from me, old management endeavors
Trenches broke, I gotta hold 'em together
Tryna claim to lil' boy, I'm better
If I'ma change, I'ma change forever
I ain't tryna stay in this lane forever
He was that nigga, now servin' cheddar (Cheese)
I die, niggas won't T up for me
You wasn't there for who helped you
You think you gon' be there for me?

Feel like a dream, pourin' up the lean
Turned me a to man, they plan's just to leave

Think I'ma help 'em, won't help 'em again
Think I'ma help 'em, won't help 'em again
Think I'ma help 'em, won't help 'em again
Think I'ma help 'em, won't help 'em again

Copy what I said, you sound like a parrot
How you send your kids lookin' generic?
You better be lucky I'm cool with Amiri
New kids season, I know that you see it
Sendin' shots when I come to the city
I'ma shoot with the money, but threat gon' protect me
I'm the way out there, you cannot accept it
You my son, I had more than your daddy
The gas worth more than 757, new Patek say 757
I can't wait 'til it's 7:58
Ramadan comin', I just be hopin' you full and you fed
'Salaam alaykum, wa alaykum 'salaam to the people we fed
It's the people who in the trenches I really got love for wanna see me dead
Answer the phone to show 'em I ain't scared
Then he got life so he told me he comin' on tour
But I told him, "I'm goin' to bed"
When she get mad, she be playin' with my head
Do not deliver, act like you ain't read it
Too far without me, can't put on her Patek
The label gave me another thirty mill', I hate that y'all don't got i
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